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GeckOS Operating System for the 6502 processor

This repository maintains the GeckOS/A65 source.

GeckOS comes of course with no warranty in any form. See the file COPYING for the GNU public license.

The doc directory contains all necessary documentation (in asciidoc mostly). I propose reading doc/index.adoc first.

The RELEASE NOTES describe what’s new in the current release.

In the repository, kernel, lib6502, devices and include are general source directories.

apps holds pure lib6502 applications, like a shell, mkdir, etc. They should also assemble for other lib6502 operating systems.

sysapps holds OS/A65 specific programs, like the slipd, or the filesystem servers.

The previous directories are very independent from the actual system architecture. The arch directory holds the architecture specific part. It contains a directory for each supported architecture. "proto" holds a prototype architecture that can be used for porting.

Have fun!

16apr2020 André Fachat