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[x] Share cache for lookup response? Need to compare incoming followed users w/ already looked up users, request just the delta, add it to the array in memory and then save it out. Need a smarter cache manager object?
[x] Put root user in API request to get profiles, can seperate out later with an in-memory lookup
[x] For now, make city an outwards spiral from the largest buildings going down
[] Put root user at center of spiral?
[] In the future, use Fisica with distance joints (or another graphing library) to lay out the city floorplan - Force-based algorithms would be cool! Don't draw with Fisica, just use it to store data coordinates.
[x] 3D renderer
[x] Doesn't have to look like a real city, but maybe have a proportion, the larger the building the taller it gets relative to its width so we don't just have huge cubes
[x] Camera library? Check
[x] Distribution requirements
[x] Store API token in more secure manner
[x] If an API request needs to be made, present authorization page to user, request OAuth token from twitter
[x] Loading screen when fetching data
[] GUI for picking root user
[] Improve GUI/instructions for logging in
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