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This is a multi-function postprocess shader for GZDoom 3.2.5+ that supports various effects which can be combined together. They are mostly based on a 3d simplex (perlin) noise function such as texture distortion and tint, in addition to some trippy effects like lerping the hue, saturation, or value.

Texture distortion, subtraction, and tint:

Nukage shader

HSV shift animation:

HSV shift animation

The root of this repo can be loaded as a -file by GZDoom, or you can use a pk3 from the releases section.

CVars / Uniforms

Shader uniforms can be controlled from ZScript or using CVars. Here are the available CVars for tweaking the uniforms:

CVar Default Description
timescale 0.005 how quickly to run the noise permutations
scale 1 uniform scale (zoom) of 2d noise plane
distortion 0.05 How much to distort texture. 0 means no distorition. Values higher than about 0.3 will make the game unplayable but look cool...
subtractive 0.25 amount of color to subtract (darken) the screen by based on noise function, 0 means no subtraction.
animh true Animate hue?
anims true Animate saturation?
animv true Animate value?
tintr 0 Red channel additive tint
tintg 0 Green channel additive tint
tintb 0 Blue channel additive tint


Shader experiments for GZDoom - check history for older ones




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