make manual ban effective immediately #53

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I try to add rules for manual ban, so first i added a new jail in /etc/jail.local

enabled  =  true
port     =  all
filter   =  none
logpath  =  /etc/fail2ban/empty.log
maxretry =  1
bantime  =  3600
action   =  %(action_)s

fail2ban-client status seems fine

|- Number of jail:      8
`- Jail list:           blocklist, proftpd, ssh-ddos, apache-overflows, ssh, dovecot, apache, sasl

So heres my filter:


failregex =

ignoreregex =

Here's the output:

server1:/etc/fail2ban/filter.d# fail2ban-client set blocklist banip ""

Result in iptables seems empty:

Chain fail2ban-blocklist (0 references)
target     prot opt source               destination
RETURN     all  --  anywhere             anywhere

Any idea?

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have you seen #50 ?


yeah allready did it... no effect
i try to make a workaround now to write in the emptylog with regex
echo date +"%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S" "A-IP" >> empty.log
somehow it ends with blocking the ip
doesn't matter what IP i add in the Log


ok now correcting... it works after 1 minute... somehow...
but whats the failure about the block=

Fail2Ban member
Fail2Ban member

so ATM it requires the log file jail monitors to get modified to trigger an action... otherwise manual ban is working. I have retitled the issue and postponed it for milestone 0.9.0

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I think this one was addressed by 2d672d1

@yarikoptic yarikoptic closed this Nov 6, 2012
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