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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 7, 2023. It is now read-only.

Prestashop module. This override module allows to remove IDs from URLs


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Makes possible to have URLs with no IDs in PrestaShop.

Warning: This SW is unmaintained

This module is NOT intended to work on PS 1.7.x (it may, but it is not supported at all)

For production use the latest stable release

It has been reported to work on **PS 1.7.7 ** but will install on PS >= 1.5 too.


from PS administration panel

Go in the back office of your shop and follow these steps:

  • download the lastest release ZIP file ( as it already contains the right folder name (faktiva_clean_urls, not faktiva-prestashop-clean-urls-version_x.y.z !)
  • in the modules tab, click on add a new module
  • click on "Browse" to open the dialogue box letting you search your computer
  • select the ZIP file you downloaded and validate the dialogue box
  • click on "Upload this module"
  • once uploaded, you could have to search the module among the others (tip: filter by author "faktiva") and click on the install button

Configuration & Checks

Make sure your SEO and URL settings are as follows:


  • products: {category:/}{rewrite}{-:id_product_attribute} (you can add .html at the end)
  • categories: {categories:/}{rewrite}/
  • manufacturers: manufactures/{rewrite}
  • suppliers: suppliers/{rewrite}
  • CMS page: info/{rewrite} (you can add .html at the end)
  • CMS category: info/{rewrite}/
  • modules: modules/{module}{/:controller}

You can replace words such as "info", "suppliers", etc with whatever you want, given that it does not conflicts with a category name

Remember to

  • clear the browser cache
  • clear PS cache (under smarty -> cache and smarty -> compile)


  • Go to modules -> Find and uninstall "faktiva_clean_urls"

It should suffice!

If something goes wrong do the following:

  • Open folder /override/classes/
    • Remove Link.php
    • Remove Dispatcher.php
  • Open folder /override/controllers/front/
    • Remove CategoryController.php
    • Remove CmsController.php
    • Remove ManufacturerController.php
    • Remove ProductController.php
    • Remove SupplierController.php
  • Open folder /cache/
    • Remove class_index.php
  • Go to back office -> Preferences -> SEO and URLs -> Set userfriendly URL off -> Save
  • Go to back office -> Preferences -> SEO and URLs -> Set userfriendly URL on -> Save

If you got any other override modules, you should now go to you back office, uninstall them, and reinstall them again to work correctly.