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Info:Simple FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts
Author: Grzegorz Nosek <>
Contributors:W-Mark Kubacki <> Jordi Mallach <>


  • very lightweight (84KB of private memory per instance)
  • fixes broken CR/LF in headers
  • handles environment in a sane way (CGI scripts get HTTP-related env. vars from FastCGI parameters and inherit all the others from fcgiwrap's environment)
  • no configuration, so you can run several sites off the same fcgiwrap pool
  • passes CGI stderr output to fcgiwrap's stderr (this is by design but stderr could be also passed to FastCGI stderr stream)



Makefile and configure script is generated by GNU autotools. Therefore you need the latter.

fcgiwrap links to dev-libs/fcgi which can be obtained from .


To install:

autoreconf -i
make install

fcgiwrap will be copied to /usr/local/sbin/fcgiwrap if you did not set --prefix for configure or DESTDIR for the makefile.


Most probably you will want fcgiwrap be launched by www-servers/spawn-fcgi. Or you could use the author's Perl launcher - see the homepage for that.

When running, fcgiwrap evaluates environment variables DOCUMENT_ROOT and SCRIPT_NAME, concatenates them and invokes the resulting executable (should it exist).