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FarCry CMS Plugin

Extends the content management features of FarCry Core to include a variety of common features.



  • News content
  • Events content
  • Feedback form
  • Image galleries
  • Fun facts
  • Variety of publishing rules


The plugin requires an installation of FarCry 7.0 framework FarCry 6.x installations must use milestone-6-2-6

Checkout from source control

cd ./farcry/plugins
git clone https://github.com/farcrycore/plugin-farcrycms.git farcrycms

master should be mostly stable for 7.x. But there are specific milestone tags for earlier releases of FarCry and those who don't want to risk change.

Update project constructor

Add farcrycms to the plugin list within ./www/farcryConstructor.cfm

<cfset THIS.plugins = "farcrycms,googleMaps,googleAnalytics,googleSiteSearch,farcrydoc" />

Deploy content types

Go into the webtop ADMIN > DEVELOPER TOOLS >COAPI and deploy all the plugin content types. Alternatively, you can call any URL with ?updateall=yourprojectkey to automatically deploy any non-destructive schema changes.