A user directory plugin for Microsoft 365
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Microsoft OAuth User Directory Plugin


Microsoft UD provides federated logins for FarCry publishing platform using OAuth 2.0 for Microsoft accounts. You can set up Microsoft authentication as an option in the login, or the default login for immediate access to the webtop.

Microsoft UD Login


Part 1: MSFT App Configuration

Create a Microsoft Account and login to the Application Registration Portal.

Add an App

Add an App

Copy the Application Id to a text file for later. This will be the OAuth client ID.

Enter an application name and click Create

Enter name

Click Generate New Password and copy the generated password to a text file for later.

Enter name

You will need to add the links FarCry will be using. Click Add Platform and select Web. This is the value to enter:

  • redirect uris: http://[your domain here]/mudLogin/displayLogin

Part 2: FarCry Configuration

Download and add the microsoftud plugin to your project:


Your plugin will typically be stored in ./farcry/plugins/microsoftud and you can register it within your project by adding it to the ./www/farcryconstructor.cfm. For example:

<cfset THIS.plugins = "microsoftud,googleanalytics" /> 

Update the application (ie restart the application) to register the newly added plugin.

Configure the plugin:

  • Add the Client ID (aka Application ID) and Client Secret (aka Password) into the Microsoft User Directory configuration under ADMIN > Configuration.
  • Deploy the new content types - mudUser and mudGroup through the webtop ADMIN > Developer Tools > COAPI.
  • Create a Microsoft user group (Admin -> General Admin -> User Directory -> Microsoft Groups) for your specific email domain (anyone logging in with an email within this domain will be automatically assigned to this group)
  • Add your Group to the appropriate FarCry roles (Admin -> General Admin -> Roles & Permissions -> Roles)

But wait, there's more!

Often you will have an existing account in the application you have added MicosoftUD to.

This can lead to issues with:

  • history tracking
  • content ownership
  • the old account won't be disabled

In the Webtop there is a utility for merging an existing account into your Microsoft UD login account.

FarCry Merge Profile