Library for creating user flows and add visual connection with Jira tasks in Sketch
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Table of contents:

Download Sketch Library


Used to organize artboards and provide some more information on the start


You can use flows for having everything in more readable way

Artboard Flow

Artboard flows helps everyone on the team to understand flows easier. Note: Please make sure to leave 1px spacings on the sides, so when you will need to move artboars, artboard flows will not move into artboard groups

User Flow

User flows are very helpful. {Need more info} You can use this Sketch Plugin to auto-create arrows between elements


Used for {more info}

Rules: Places under artboard with 30px spacing on the top. All symbols have fixed height as 30px. All of them have description fiels as override. You can just resize this symbol in height and description will appear


If you need to provide more information regarding flow or element, you can use this symbol

Jira Tickets

If there is a task and you want to show connection, you can use this symbol. You can provide issue type, link and description


While demo presentations you can prepare all questions under artboard, so you will not forget to pay attention on them while a call


Our idea is to have everything in Sketch for Designers. If you don’t have approved workflow how to store and see all ideas, improvements and suggestions, you can save all of them in Sketch as a start