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Java implementation of Carcassonne board game

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JCloisterZone is a Java implementation of a popular board game Carcassonne. It supports multiplayer game on a local computer or over a network. Game can be also played against computer AI.

Development guide

Helpers for more pleasant development and application debugging.

VM arguments

use different configuration file, don't create error.log (console out is enough), change log level and enable assertions

-Dconfig=debug.yaml -DerrorLog=false -Dorg.slf4j.simpleLogger.defaultLogLevel=info -ea


tweaked config.yaml

use unpacked plugins from source

  - plugins/classic
  - plugins/rgg_siege

for immediately AI play comment delay option

# ai_place_tile_delay: 250

debug options

use debug options for quick and repeatable game setup with following possible options

  # use some keys described below ...

don't compress saves, autosave before each AI play

save_format: plain
autosave: saves/_prerank.jcz

skip game config dialog, player is name or AI class you can comment just profile key to disable whole autostart

  profile: default
    - Alice
    - Bob

developing expansion, don't bother with basic tiles. Override any expansion with own set definition.

  BASIC: tile-definitions/basic-1card.xml

force drawn tiles

  - BA.C
  - BA.Cccc+

and then force final scoring with dot item

   # ... some tiles ...
   - .

experimental options

off_capabilities: [ Dragon, Fairy ]
area_highlight: figure
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