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Build Status


rock is an ooc compiler written in ooc - in other words, it's where things begin to become really exciting.

it has been bootstrapping since April 22, 2010 under Gentoo, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Win32, OSX...


You need the following packages when building rock:

  • GNU Make (make or gmake, depending on your operating system)
  • boehm-gc
  • tar (for extracting the C sources)
  • bzip2 (used by tar)

Get started

Run make rescue and you're good.

Wait, what?

make rescue downloads a set of C sources, compiles them, uses them to compile your copy of rock, and then uses that copy to recompile itself

Then you'll have a 'rock' executable in bin/rock. Add it to your PATH, symlink it, copy it, just make sure it can find the SDK!


See the INSTALL file

To switch to the most recent git, read ReleaseToGit


rock is distributed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.

Boehm GC sources are vendored, it is distributed under an X11/MIT-like license, see libs/sources/LICENSE for details.

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