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fastlane docs

This repo contains all documentation for fastlane. You can find the .md files inside the docs folder.

To preview the updated documentation locally, just clone the repo, modify the file, and run

mkdocs serve

The live version is available on

Why new docs?

You can find more information here

Deploy changes

Once a PR is merged into master, the latest version will automatically be deployed to by one of the hard working fastlane bots. No need to do anything manually. The resulting HTML files are stored in the gh-pages branch.

Installation of mkdocs

brew install python3 # if you don't have pip already
brew install pipenv
pipenv --three
pipenv shell
pipenv install

Adding a Python dependency

Likely, to add a Markdown extension, install it with pipenv install <some extension> after making sure the virtualenv is loaded (pipenv shell).