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Added address info to xls export #113

wants to merge 6 commits into


None yet
3 participants
  • Added address info to xls export of contacts, leads and accounts.
  • Moved rendering of xls export into a view with xml builder.
  • Created layout file for xls export.
  • Added internationalization to xls export of contacts, leads and accounts.

Feedback to existing export:

  • It's a better practice to move view logic into views and out of models.
  • xls and csv export is too generic.
  • I would avoid to add methods to a core ruby class (Array). This could lead to curious bugs, if for example a gem also adds methods with the same name.

ndbroadbent commented Mar 8, 2012

Hi, this looks great, thanks!

I was wondering if I could request that when you submit pull requests, could you please select "merge into the 'master' branch"?

i.e. your pull requests look like this:

merge 6 commits into fatfreecrm:9a94d39 from create-mediadesign:41c39ba

But it would be more helpful if they could be:

merge 6 commits into fatfreecrm:master ...

(Because otherwise, Github tells us "This pull request cannot be automatically merged.")

Thanks very much for your contributions!


next time I will try to merge into the master branch. But I don't know if it is possible, because I must select a commit range, in order to exclude commits not suitable for the base project. But I will try!


ndbroadbent commented Mar 16, 2012

Ah, I see! We usually solve this problem by creating a branch, and only adding the relevant commits to that branch. You can even use the git cherry-pick feature for this.

I will try to merge in your changes ASAP (a lot has changed in FFCRM recently, so the merge might be a little bit difficult)


steveyken commented May 11, 2012

@ndbroadbent Did this commit make it in yet? Looking forward to having it :) Thanks @create-philipp-ullmann

Next week.

Manual merge into master branch


steveyken commented May 15, 2012

thanks! and useful for showing how builder works.

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