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Redmine Time Tracker

RedTimer is an easy-to-use platform-independent time tracker which allows the user to track time while working on an issue. Furthermore, a user can create new issues using RedTimer during which the time tracking will already start.


After starting RedTimer for the first time, the settings window will be displayed. In the settings window, you can specify the URL of the Redmine instance and the API key which can be found in the Redmine account settings.

Settings window

In the main window, you can enter or select an issue. After issue selection, the issue data will be displayed and the timer can be started.

Main window

To select an issue, you can use the Issue Selector which lists available issues according to the selected project, assignee and version.

Issue Selector

To create a new issue, you can use the Issue Creator which will start tracking time while you type the new issue data.

Issue Creator

Installation instructions

For Ubuntu instructions, please have a look at the Ubuntu README.

The simplest way is to pick a binary from GitHub ( Daily builds can be found at

The latest development build for Windows can be found at

To use Redmine custom fields in RedTimer, please install the redmine_shared_api plugin from

The following instructions can be used to build the application from source.

git clone
cd redtimer
git submodule update --init

qmake -r

This requires for you to have Qt 5.5+ and GCC 4.8.4+ installed and in your path.

Alternatively, you can use a QtCreator distribution from In QtCreator, you can open the project file and start the build.