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Fatiando a Terra

Open-source Python tools for geophysics

Welcome to the Fatiando a Terra project!


Fatiando provides Python libraries for data processing, modeling, and inversion across the Geosciences. Our software is built by a community of geoscientists and software developers with a passion for well-designed tools and helping our peers. All of our code is free and open-source, distributed under the permissive BSD 3-clause license.

Our tools

General purpose:

  • Pooch: A friend to fetch your data files.

Geospatial data (including geophysical/geodetic data):

  • Verde: Spatial data processing and interpolation with a sprinkling of machine learning.


  • Harmonica: Forward modeling, inversion, and processing gravity and magnetic data.
  • Boule: Reference ellipsoids and normal gravity for geodesy and geophysics.
  • Ensaio: Practice datasets to probe your code.
  • Choclo: High-performance kernel functions for geophysical forward modeling.

For developers:

  • Dependente: Inspect Python package dependencies (used in our CI workflows).


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