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Archived project. No maintenance.

This project is not maintained anymore and is archived. Feel free to fork and use make your own changes if needed.

Thanks all for their work on this project.

Pool GoDoc Build Status

Pool is a thread safe connection pool for net.Conn interface. It can be used to manage and reuse connections.

Install and Usage

Install the package with:

go get

Please vendor the package with one of the releases: master branch is development branch and will contain always the latest changes.


// create a factory() to be used with channel based pool
factory    := func() (net.Conn, error) { return net.Dial("tcp", "") }

// create a new channel based pool with an initial capacity of 5 and maximum
// capacity of 30. The factory will create 5 initial connections and put it
// into the pool.
p, err := pool.NewChannelPool(5, 30, factory)

// now you can get a connection from the pool, if there is no connection
// available it will create a new one via the factory function.
conn, err := p.Get()

// do something with conn and put it back to the pool by closing the connection
// (this doesn't close the underlying connection instead it's putting it back
// to the pool).

// close the underlying connection instead of returning it to pool
// it is useful when acceptor has already closed connection and conn.Write() returns error
if pc, ok := conn.(*pool.PoolConn); ok {

// close pool any time you want, this closes all the connections inside a pool

// currently available connections in the pool
current := p.Len()



The MIT License (MIT) - see LICENSE for more details