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im-kulikov commented Sep 10, 2019

Expect (go version go1.12.9 darwin/amd64):

→ go mod tidy -v
go: downloading v1.2.0
go: extracting v1.2.0

Actual (go version go1.13 darwin/amd64)

→ go mod tidy -v
verifying checksum mismatch
        downloaded: h1:Ufw4aDz9RqH1RVblx2W9L9Uv5vSX5apbX5+peR7LQ5k= h1:pM
dustinmcbride commented Sep 16, 2019

When using SingleBrowserImplementation and chrome gets into a state in which it cannot be restarted then the error does not bubble which causes a javascript unhandledrejection. Since there is no way to catch this it forces consuming code into a dead end. Using node v8.11.1

I have not found a way to put chrome into such a state that it cannot be restarted so the rep

pollysobeck commented May 18, 2019


After taking a look at poolboy's README, I think this project could benefit from a more detailed introduction and mission statement on what the software accomplishes. This would greatly help with drawing in new contributors or people who may be less familiar with how pooling libraries work.

One thing that would also be helpful in this regard would be including a more detailed descri

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