Simple Python (2.7, 3.3+) package for using the Polr Project REST API. Has CLI-support (3.4+).
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This package, mypolr, is a python package to easily create and manage short links using the Polr Project's REST API. Mypolr also has CLI support.

User Guide and documentation:
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git clone git://
pip install mypolr [ | Legacy ]

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Polr Project


To use mypolr, you need a valid API key to a server with the Polr Project installed.

You can obtain the API key by logging in to your Polr site and navigate to <polr project root>/admin#developer.


Disclaimer: This package, mypolr, is not affiliated with the Polr Project.


There is only one requirement:

When installing with pip or conda this will be installed automatically (if not already installed).

Tested on Python 2.7, 3.4+, but should also work with version 3.3.


With pip:
pip install mypolr
With conda:
conda install -c fauskanger mypolr


  • Add :raises: docstring fields to methods/docs.
  • Implement the /data/link-endpoint if necessary.


This project is licensed under the MIT Licence. (See link for details.)


This project has served several purposes:

  1. Have a tool to easily utilize the Polr Project API from Python.
  2. Be an exercise in packaging and distributing Python modules (with pip and conda).
  3. Be an exercise in reStructuredText, Sphinx documentation, and ReadTheDocs.
  4. Be an exercise in testing Python along best practices and conventions.