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Fay jQuery


jQuery bindings for Fay. This project is experimental, but seems to work pretty well!

The short-term goals of this project are to help discover the real world requirements of Fay and to invite bikeshedding over the fay-jquery API. That means that names and types may change in rapid and annoying ways until conventions settle down.

The one consistent convention in the library is that the jQuery object on which methods operate is the last parameter to every function. This allows simple monadic composition:

{-# LANGUAGE RebindableSyntax, OverloadedStrings #-}

import Fay.Text (fromString)
import JQuery
import Prelude

(>=>) :: (a -> Fay b) -> (b -> Fay c) -> a -> Fay c
f >=> g = \x -> f x >>= g

makeSquare :: JQuery -> Fay JQuery
makeSquare = addClass "square" >=>
             setWidth 400 >=>
             setHeight 400

-- `ready` is the same as jQuery(document).ready(%1);
-- You generally need to wait for this event to fire before modifying the DOM.
main :: Fay ()
main = ready $ do
    select "#elementToMakeSquare" >>= makeSquare
    return ()



cabal install fay-text fay-jquery

Compile your file:

fay --package fay-jquery,fay-text MyFile.hs

Supported API calls

This binding is a work in progress. We're adding calls by section of the jQuery docs. There is some overlap in the sections, but the following sections are (mostly) complete.

  • Ajax
  • Attributes
  • Core
  • CSS
  • Effects (Basic, Fading)
  • Manipulation
  • Traversing
  • Events

Still to do

  • Data
  • Deferred Object
  • Effects (Custom, Sliding)
  • Forms
  • Internals
  • Miscellaneous
  • Offset
  • Plugins
  • Properties
  • Utilities

Not Applicable

  • Selectors