A packaging utility for Salesforce professionals (MS-Windows)
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Packaging Utility for Salesforce Professionals - Fabrice Cathala - 14 May 2016

MS-Windows MS-Windows

fabPack is a simple but efficient packaging utility that simplify moving meta-data packages in between Salesforce orgs. It's built around Salesforce's Ant migration toolkit that it enhances with a vintage Text-based UI. With fabPack you can build a package from a change set, retrieve the metadata to your PC, tweak it and deploy to any org including back into the source org. It's also a great way to build a packages library.

fabPack is based on the Force.com Migration Toolkit hence always receive Salesforce's API updates.

fabPack saves time and reduces risk of manual mistakes. I'm recommending it to any Salesforce implementation teams dealing with lot of packaging work or willing to build a code library.

Ben N, Senior Salesforce Developer

Find more details at https://github.com/fcathala/fabPack-Windows/wiki

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