FeatherBB is a simple and lightweight forum system written in PHP, using Slim Framework for a proper OOP-MVC architecture
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FeatherBB Readme

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FeatherBB is an open source forum application released under the GNU General Public Licence. It is free to download and use and will remain so. FeatherBB is a fork of FluxBB 1.5 based on Slim Framework and designed to be simple and very lightweight, with modern features: MVC architecture, PDO, OOP and a plugin system. Maybe more? You are more than welcome to join the development :-)


This is FeatherBB v1.0.0 Beta. It is intended for testing purposes only and not for use in a production environment. Please report all the bugs you may encounter to the forums or in the GitHub bug tracker.

Beta 4 (2016-02-21)

  • Upgrade to Slim version 3 [beaver] [adaur]
  • More OOP goodness thanks to static classes (User::, Input::, Post::, ...) [beaver]
  • Download and install plugins right from the admin panel [adaur]
  • Switch to Json Web Token for authentication [beaver]
  • Better installer [beaver]
  • Cleaner gettext code [adaur]

Beta 3 (2015-09-09)

Beta 2 (2015-08-11)

Beta 1 (2015-07-09)

  • Integration with Slim Framework v2.6.2 [adaur]
  • New parser [ridgerunner]
  • MVC architecture [adaur]
  • URL rewriting [adaur]
  • Routing system [adaur]
  • Responsive default style [Magicalex]
  • Database schema compatible with FluxBB [adaur]
  • Antispam protection [adaur]
  • Themes fully customizables [adaur]
  • PHP 4 support dropped [adaur]
  • PSR-2 compliant [Magicalex]


  • A webserver
  • PHP 5.3.0 or later
  • A database such as MySQL 4.1.2 or later, PostgreSQL 7.0 or later, SQLite 2 or later


  • Make use of a PHP accelerator such as OPCache
  • Make sure PHP has the zlib module installed to allow FeatherBB to gzip output