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This project space exists as an upload entry point to import the official Fedora Docker Base Images built in Fedora Koji (Fedora's Build System) so that they may be submitted to the official-images repository for the Docker Hub.

These images are built from a kickstart file that is part of the Fedora kickstarts sub-project of Fedora. If there is an issue or request for a change to the contents of the Fedora Docker Base Image, please file an bug.

Docker Base Image Import process

  1. Run the ./ script, this will create a "stage" directory. This requires the koji and tar packages to be installed on the machine where you run this.

    To run to script, pass in the version number of the Fedora release you're targeting.

./ 26

At the end of the script you will see something similar to:

=> Working dir: /tmp/tmp.Jckt4DUhIM/workspace
=> Temp dir: /tmp/tmp.Jckt4DUhIM
=> Update: 20170912
  1. Make sure that the result of the previous is correct, it should look like the following:
$ tree /tmp/tmp.Jckt4DUhIM/workspace
├── aarch64
│   ├── Dockerfile
│   └── fedora-26-aarch64-20170912.tar.xz
├── armhfp
│   ├── Dockerfile
│   └── fedora-26-armhfp-20170912.tar.xz
├── ppc64le
│   ├── Dockerfile
│   └── fedora-26-ppc64le-20170912.tar.xz
└── x86_64
    ├── Dockerfile
    └── fedora-26-x86_64-20170912.tar.xz

    4 directories, 8 files
  1. Force push to fedora-cloud/docker-brew-fedora on github in order to overwrite history so we aren’t storing giant piles of tarballs in git.

# The value of work_dir comes from the previous output of the
# ./ script in Step 1
$ work_dir=/tmp/tmp.Jckt4DUhIM/workspace

$ git checkout master

$ git branch -D 26

$ git checkout --orphan 26

$ git rm --cached -r .

$ rm -fr ./*

## Move in the files from your working dir

$ mv ${work_dir}/* .

$ git add .

$ git commit -m "Update fedora 26 - 20170912"
[26 (root-commit) c726745] add multi-arch for fedora 26
 8 files changed, 24 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 aarch64/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 aarch64/fedora-26-aarch64-20170915.tar.xz
 create mode 100644 armhfp/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 armhfp/fedora-26-armhfp-20170915.tar.xz
 create mode 100644 ppc64le/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 ppc64le/fedora-26-ppc64le-20170915.tar.xz
 create mode 100644 x86_64/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 x86_64/fedora-26-x86_64-20170915.tar.xz

$ git push -f origin 26
  1. Record commit logs of the updates here

  2. Send a Pull Request from fedora-cloud/official-images to docker-library/official-images

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