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Project Page | Documentation | Report a Bug | Already reported bugs | Fedora Copr

Copr ("Community projects") is a service that builds your open-source projects and creates your own RPM repositories. See it in action here.

See Copr workflow

Using Copr

Learn how to use Copr and how to create RPM packages on the Fedora Developer Portal.

Status (copr builds, documentation)

package released development docs
copr-backend badge badge doc badge
copr-cli badge badge doc badge
copr-dist-git badge badge doc badge
copr-frontend badge badge doc badge
copr-keygen badge badge doc badge
copr-messaging badge badge doc badge
copr-rpmbuild badge badge doc badge
python-copr badge badge doc badge
python-copr-common badge badge doc badge

Local Testing Environment

You can use Docker to run your local test environment. You need to install docker-compose tool for this to work.

$ git clone
$ cd copr
$ docker-compose up -d

For more information see our wiki page.

Unreported tracebacks of client tools.