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hub is a command-line tool that wraps Git in order to extend it with extra features and commands that make working with GitHub easier. This repository provides the source code for the hub snap which is available in the Snapcraft Store. The snap is maintained by @FelicianoTech meanwhile the code for hub itself is maintained by GitHub. The upstream repository can be found here.


hub can be installed via snap on Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04+, and many Linux distros with snapd installed by running:

sudo snap install --classic hub

If you don't have the snap command available, you might be able to find instructions for your distro here. All other install methods can be found here.


You can run any Git command via hub simply by swapping out git for hub in the command. In fact, it is suggested to alias git to run hub instead.

Convenient commands such as hub clone felicianotech/hub-snap could be run instead of the longer git clone git:// A full list of commands can be found in hub's user manual.


This snap can be built with Snapcraft. On Ubuntu:

sudo snap install --classic snapcraft
snapcraft snap

Originally this snap was suppose to simply package the binaries already published by GitHub. Problem is, the binaries they make aren't statically linked which makes the snap world difficult. So instead, we're compiling hub based off the appropriate Git tag.


Both the code for this snap as well as hub itself is licensed under the MIT license. This repo's license can be found here while the license for hub can be found here.