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git + hub = github

hub is a command line tool that wraps git in order to extend it with extra features and commands that make working with GitHub easier.

$ hub clone rtomayko/tilt

# expands to:
$ git clone git://

hub is best aliased as git, so you can type $ git <command> in the shell and get all the usual hub features. See "Aliasing" below.



  • git 1.7.3 or newer


hub can be installed through Homebrew:

$ brew install hub
$ hub version
git version 1.7.6
hub version 2.2.0


hub can be easily installed as an executable. Download the latest compiled binaries and put it anywhere in your executable path.


To install hub from source, you need to have a Go development environment:

$ git clone
$ cd hub
# Assuming `~/bin` is in your PATH:
$ ./script/build -o ~/bin/hub


Using hub feels best when it's aliased as git. This is not dangerous; your normal git commands will all work. hub merely adds some sugar.

hub alias displays instructions for the current shell. With the -s flag, it outputs a script suitable for eval.

You should place this command in your .bash_profile or other startup script:

eval "$(hub alias -s)"

Shell tab-completion

hub repository contains tab-completion scripts for bash and zsh. These scripts complement existing completion scripts that ship with git.

Installation instructions


Prior art

These projects also aim to either improve git or make interacting with GitHub simpler: