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Awesome pfsense login pages for your captive portal!
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pfsense Captive Portal Login

Awesome pfsense login pages template for your captive portal!

screenshot image of desktop

Supports latest version of pfsense 2.4.2. The portal pages are using $PORTAL_ACTION$ and $PORTAL_REDIRURL$ to get data from the firewall backend. Authentication requests are send with POST requests to the firewall.

The login sites are

  • based on google material thinking,
  • full responsive and
  • support all modern browsers.

browser support svg

All pages have User/Password input written in HTML5 and inline css (in the head tag):

  • Login Page
  • Logout Page with Logout message
  • Error Page with Error message

This separations is provided and needed by pfsense backend, anyone who is familiar with captive portal and pfsense will know that. Feel free to set issues if you are not comfortable with that solution and if I can do better.

The main plus point of this solutions is the look and feel of the login screen based on a google material thinking. Both background image and logo SVG can be changed as everything of the code.

A list of helpful links

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