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photonSDI - an open source SDI core

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  Copyright 2017-2018 / Felix Held

     An open source SDI core
          powered by Migen and LiteX

Funded by the German Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF)


photonSDI provides an open source SDI core.

Since Python is used to describe the HDL, the core is highly and easily configurable.

photonSDI is built using LiteX and uses technologies developed in partnership with M-Labs Ltd:

  • Migen enables generating HDL with Python in an efficient way.
  • MiSoC provides the basic blocks to build a powerful and small footprint SoC.

photonSDI can be used as LiteX library or can be integrated with your standard design flow by generating the verilog rtl that you will use as a standard core.

Since people already asked: The project is still very much alive.



  • None

Possible improvements

  • Lots

Getting started

  1. Install Python3 and your vendor's software

  2. Obtain LiteX and install it:

git clone --recursive cd litex python3 install cd ..







photonSDI is released under the very permissive two-clause BSD license. Under the terms of this license, you are authorized to use photonSDI for closed-source proprietary designs.

Even though we do not require you to do so, those things are awesome, so please do them if possible:

  • tell us that you are using photonSDI
  • cite photonSDI in publications related to research it has helped
  • send us feedback and suggestions for improvements
  • send us bug reports when something goes wrong
  • send us the modifications and improvements you have done to photonSDI.

Support and consulting

We love open-source hardware and like sharing our designs with others.

photonSDI is developed and maintained by Felix Held for the TimVideos & Apertus project.

If you would like to know more about photonSDI or if you are already a happy user and would like to extend it for your needs, Felix Held can provide standard commercial support as well as consulting services.

So feel free to contact us, we'd love to work with you! (and eventually shorten the list of the possible improvements :)


  • E-mail: Felix Held <photonsdi [AT]>