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Crontab jobs management in Python
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    Plan is a Python package for writing and deploying cron jobs.  Plan will 
    convert Python code to cron syntax.  You can easily manage your cron jobs
    with Plan like a charm.  It is designed for elegancy and writing cron jobs
    with as little amount of code as possible.  It's extensible but comes with
    serveral good useful job types out of the box.

    The purpose is making writing cronfile fun and without causing mistakes.

    Plan has following goods:

    -   one command to create a quickstart example file
    -   easy to define your task, every frequency, at moment, running path,
        running bash environment, task output
    -   handle communicate with your crontab process with features like write,
        update or clear
    Read the docs at

    If you feel anything wrong, feedbacks or pull requests are welcome.
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