Ultra-small motion logger using Silicon Laboratories USB C8051 MCU
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NinjaScan-Light is an ultra-small (1.0 x 1.4 inch, approximately 26 x 36 mm) motion logger. It consists of

  1. Silicon Laboratories C8051F381 MCU providing USB connectability,
  2. u-blox NEO-6 series GPS receiver,
  3. 6 DOF inertial sensor, Invensense MPU-6000 (ver.1), or Invensense MPU-9250 (ver.2),
  4. 3-axis magnetic sensor, Freescale MAG3110 (ver.1), or Invensense MPU-9250 (ver.2),
  5. Pressure sensor, Measurement specialties MS5611,
  6. Power management including Li-Ion battery charger, Linear Technology LTC3550, and
  7. MicroSD supporting SDHC/FAT32.

More information in Wiki.

Additional information

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