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Releases: feo-cz/win-sshfs devel RC5

18 Feb 07:26
Choose a tag to compare devel RC5 Pre-release

_Update: Dokan is not working with git/svn. Fix shoud come with Dokan 1.0.2 1.0.3. dokan-dev/dokany#369_

Testing version

There is a reason why it's testing. For serious work you should prefer latest stable version with older Dokan. This version is for active supporters.

  • bugfix with explorer and spool drives
  • better symlinks support
  • add simple installer
  • android ssh support
  • problem with DH2048 should be already fixed (need test)
  • Dokan 1.0 line support
  • SSH.NET latest updates
  • improved single file read speed (significant with higher latency networks)
  • others

Get Dokan here:

Don't run it as admin, it shouldn't be required and can cause another possible difficulties. If you think it it's required for some situation put me a note in issue about it.

10 Aug 23:10
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Last stable.
Dokan 0.7.4 is recommended. Dokan 0.8+ will not work!

07 Aug 00:21
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01 Aug 06:44
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13 Aug 22:07
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First release.
Recommended DOKAN version:
(Tested version 0.7.1, have 64bit drivers, tested on Windows 7 and 8.1)