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A WebGL and Physics engine demo that allows you to jump a Mini Cooper S straight through a wall of boxes.
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WebGL demo of a MINI Cooper

A WebGL and Physics engine demo that allows you to jump a Mini Cooper straight through a wall of boxes. Note that this is a personal project and is not directly related to MINI.

Initially this project started out as a research project to learn WebGL: How to export models from Blender, import them in Three.js, assign materials, create lights, etc. However, along the way I stumbled upon this fascinating Ammo.js vehicle example and decided to use that as a base for this demo.

I also wanted this demo to work on an iPhone or iPad, so I've created two quality levels: (1) A low-quality mode that has no antialiasing, no shadows and uses a low-poly model. (2) A high-quality mode that has antialiasing, real-time shadows and a LOD model, that switches between low-poly and high-poly based on the distance to the camera. The mobile version automatically selects the low-quality mode and displays an overlay with touch controls, allowing you to drive the car around using your mobile as a gamepad.

Some technical details:



  • = Accelerate
  • = Brake / reverse
  • = Steer left
  • = Steer right
  • p = Pause physics engine
  • n = Next step (when paused)
  • t = Turbo mode
  • spacebar = Reset car




We use Yarn package manager to manage our dependencies.

curl -o- -L | bash
yarn install


npm run build:server

Server will run on localhost


npm run release
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