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Fetch.AI's vision is to create an AI-empowered platform that can connect services and APIs without any domain knowledge. Our technology is built on four key components: AI Agents, the Agentverse, the AI Engine, and the Fetch Network. AI Agents are independent decision-makers that connect to the network and represent data, APIs, services and people, while the Agentverse serves as a development platform for these agents. The AI Engine links human input to AI actions, and the Fetch Network underpins the entire system, ensuring smooth operation and integration.

The uAgent Library, the library behind the agents:

Build and deploy agents with; a hosting and agent management platform.

Chat with AI Agents using DeltaV; the gatewaye to the AI-Engine:

  • DeltaV↗️ - Enjoy a simple web interface to chat with AI agents as part of DeltaV

Essential reading:


  • Cosmpy↗️ - Interact with the Fet chain (or any cosmos based chains) with cosmpy.
  • Wallet↗️ - wallet for the native FET token.

Go further

Company Website ↗ - Fetch.AI organisation and company info

Integrations ↗ - Quickly build on top of integrations shared by our community.


  1. uAgents uAgents Public

    A fast and lightweight framework for creating decentralized agents with ease.

    Python 586 168

  2. cosmpy cosmpy Public

    A Python client library for interacting with blockchains based on the Cosmos-SDK

    Python 115 65


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