XBMC PVR add-ons
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       Linux, OS-X, BSD

Start by executing:

To install add-ons into /path/to/XBMC:
./configure --prefix=/path/to/XBMC
make install

To build all PVR add-ons as .zip archives:
make zip

Building addons with dependencies:
The build method described above excludes addons that depend on runtime libraries.
This is because the installed versions of the dependend libraries on the build-machine
and the target machine have to match exactly. Therefore this addons cannot be
distributed easily.

Distribution package maintainers and users who build the addons on their target machine
can enable the build of addons with dependencies:

./configure --enable-addons-with-dependencies

List of addons with dependencies:
- MythTV addon:
    Build dependencies:   libmysqlclient, boost (headers)
    Runtime dependencies: libmysqlclient
- IPTV Simple addon:
    Build dependencies:   zlib

Building the pvr addons standalone:
1) Install Visual C++ Express 2010 (follow the instructions on the wiki for XBMC itself)
2) Run project\BuildDependencies\DownloadBuildDeps.bat
3) Open this solution from project\VS2010Express\xbmc-pvr-addons.sln
4) Select the wanted configuration "Debug" or "Release"
5) Press F7 to build the solution
Still a TODO. The buildsystem does not yet generate .zip archives
Workaround: copy the wanted pvr addons to your XBMC installation by hand.
Example: addons\pvr.demo\addon\*.* => YOUR_XBMC_DIR\addons\pvr.demo\*.*

Building the pvr addons together with xbmc:
describe how to import the "xbmc-pvr-addons.sln" in "XBMC for Windows.sln"

XBMC Windows installer with included pvr addons:
Not yet possible. Still a TODO.