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bites through bytes for reverse engineering + glitching any binary file format!

Built with Processing 2.2.1 3.5.4
Requires libraries: Drop + ControlP5

HEXPLODER v1.4 2015 – 22

HEXPLODER helps you reverse engineer any file [format] by changing one byte at a time throughout a range of the file data. in CHANGE mode a new hex value 'FF' (255 as default max value) replaces each byte offset, in OFFSET mode, the existing byte is adjusted in a +/- direction. HEXPLODER duplicates the file for each change, so work with small files! by precisely mishandling each byte of the format, you'll discover sweet spots in the code for further hexploitations!

  • WARNING: can easily generate gigabytes of data when using big files!
  • USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: copies files, so no irreversible damage can be done.


  • move HEXPLODER to your ~/Documents folder (Desktop won't work...)
  • drag + drop file into this window
  • set hexplode range using slider above
  • press HEXPLODE to generate files
  • check '/hexplodations' (folder next to app) to see outputs
  • filename (ie file_010_00A.gif) has byte offset in dec _ hex for 'goto offset' in hex editor
  • adjust range and/or press <- / -> arrow keys to shift range
  • toggle mode between CHANGE and OFFSET (sets or adjusts byte value
  • HEXPLODE to your heart's [or harddrive's] delight


bites through bytes for reverse engineering + glitching any format!






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