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Simple examples for Arduino programming with ThingML
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ThingML for Arduino Programming

ThingML ( is a high-level language based on components, asynchronous messaging and finate state machines. Despite a high level of abstraction, ThingML includes a code generator which is suitable for Arduino as well as other flavors of 8 bits microcontrollers.

This repository provides some simple example to get started with ThingML on Arduino boards.

  • The "1.Basics" folder contains some examples using digital IO with buttons and LEDs. It is a good demonstration of how the ThingML constructs can be used and all you need is an Arduino and a few LEDs and/or Buttons to connect to it.

  • Other folders like the "2.AdafruitLCDShield" are currently work in progress. We will try to gather some more elaborate examples.

  • This repository contains the implementation of a more elaborate example around a video games that can run on multiple platforms, including an Arduino with an LCD shield.

Tools versions

Basic Examples have been tested with ThingML v2 on both Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega. These example will NOT work with ThingML v1 which should be consired as obsolete.

Arduino IDE v1.6.4 was used for testing but newer version of the Arduino IDE should be fine.


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