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Fried Hoeben edited this page Apr 27, 2015 · 7 revisions

Plugin to add some additional features to a FitNesse wiki.

Wiki symbols:

Slim tables:

  • table template: scenario without need to define all parameters in first line
  • storyboard: script which takes a 'screenshot' after each row


This plugin is included in the FitNesse baseline installation of After starting that installation Wiki pages demonstrating the use of this plugin can be opened:

  • HsacExamples.SymbolSamples
  • HsacExamples.SlimTests.BrowserTests.TableTemplateTest
  • HsacExamples.SlimTests.BrowserTests.StoryboardTest and
  • HsacExamples.SlimTests.BrowserTests.TemplateStoryboardTest.

To use this plugin in a 'plain vanilla' FitNesse installation:

  • copy .jar it to $FITNESSE_HOME/plugins