Gyroscope support for iOS 4.2 on iPhone4/iPod 4th gen and newer
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krpano gyroscope script for iOS 4.2

by Aldo Hoeben / fieldOfView contributions by Sjeiti

This script uses the gyroscope in iOS devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation to control the camera in krpanoJS.

This code has been deprecated

The script has been rewritten as a true plugin for krpano, and has been folded into the krpano_fovplugins package.

How to use

Include krpanoGyro.js in the head of your html document or near swfkrpano.js

The simplest way to use the script is to keep the script as is and use the default name for the krpano embed object var swf = createswf("krpano.swf"); swf.addVariable("xml","panorama.xml"); swf.embed("krpanoDIV");

If you use a different object ID to embed your krpano, or want more control over the gyro script, use the following method instead.

Call the krpanoGyro function after you've created the pano and parse the krpano object that createPanoViewer returns. Best place for the following code would be in an onLoad or an onDomReady.

krpano = createPanoViewer({swf:"krpano.swf", xml:"panorama.xml", target:'myHtmlElementId'});
if (krpano.isHTML5possible()) {

The script creates an object named "gyro" in krpano which can be used to enable/disable the gyro. This object has the following properties: gyro.deviceavailable Used to determine if the gyro device is available true/false, read-only gyro.enabled; Enable or disable gyroscopic navigation true/false, default: true gyro.easing; Dampen gyroscopic navigation. '0' means no dampening (twitchy behavior), 1 means infinite dampening (ie: no gyroscopic behavior) 0-1, default: 0.5 gyro.adaptivev; Determine whether the view returns to the pitch value of the device after manually swiping true/false, default: false You can access these properties through scripting, and/or you can set them in your xml (see example below)

For convenience and backwards compatibility, the object also has the following methods: gyro.enable() gyro.disable() gyro.toggle() Set krpano.enabled gyro.setadaptivev(); Set krpano.adaptivev

The following creates a button to toggle the gyroscope that is only visible when the gyro device is detected, and enables the adaptive vertical offset. <krpano ... onstart="initgyro()"> ... <plugin name="gyrotoggle" visible="false" ... onclick="gyro.toggle();" /> copy(plugin[gyrotoggle].visible, gyro.deviceAvailable); ...


This software can be used free of charge and the source code is available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.