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A curated list of delightful Figma resources
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Awesome Figma Awesome

Figma is the first interface design tool with real-time collaboration.

A curated list of awesome Figma stuff that focused on integration Figma and development, e.g. Figma Plugins, Figma Rest API.

Found something cool? Please, contribute!





Open-Source Plugins

  • Themer - A Figma plugin designed to allow you to swap between styles named the same from different published libraries.
  • figma-plugins-on-github - A list of Figma Plugins that have been shared on GitHub.
  • Figlight - Code highlighter for Figma.
  • FigmaThird - Import, lit and use 3D models right there in Figma.
  • svg-to-jsx - Figma plugin to copy svg as a react component.
  • figma-latex-complete-plugin - Put LaTeX into your Figma documents.

Plugins development

Templates & UI Kits

Rest API integrations

  • storybook-addon-figma - Embed Figma designs in a storybook panel.
  • figma-api-demo - This project contains demo apps using the Figma API.
  • Figma.js - A simple JS wrapper for the Figma API.
  • figma-graphql - A GraphQL connector for the Figma API.
  • Figma-To-Pdf - A simple demo of exporting pdf from Figma using the API.
  • figma-theme - Generate development-ready theme JSON files from Figma Styles.
  • figma-to-flutter - A Dart code generator that converts Figma components to Flutter widgets.
  • Figma to web - This repository will collect all developments related to the integration of Figma to Web.
  • figma-and-production - An example of how you can sync Figma & production.


  • Figmac - A super lightweight Figma desktop app that delivers a more natural Mac experience.
  • figma-app-ubuntu - Figma, Snap Package (unofficial).
  • figma-linux - Figma electron app (unofficial).
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