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awesome-game-essays šŸŽ®

Thoughtful and noteworthy links to awesome videogame "essay" kind of content. This repo is still WIP, feel free to submit an issue or submit a pull-request.


Rules for contributing


Video channels

  • gamedenker - explores how ideas and concepts in many other domains like philosophy and art that can be implemented in video games.

  • Farlands - provides analysis of the inner workings of games and video game design.

  • GameMakersToolkit - interesting videos on game design.

  • 2kliksphilip - reviews and analysis videos related to videogames, gaming hardware and other. Also has a channel (3kliksphilip) dedicated to Counter Strike related analysis and a more personal channel (kliksphilip) where you can find analysis of his life producing content on the other two channels.

  • UpIsNotJump - does analysis games videos with a comedic approach.

  • Raycevick - does lengthy and deep games analysis videos.

  • Super Bunnyhop - does "pseudo-journalistic" content about video games.

  • BetterThanHunson - does reviews and critiques on games, with an entertaining approach.

  • LGR - does weekly coverage of retro tech, retro and new PC games, and more (Classic computer gaming, Oddware, thrifting, Tech Tales, Sims, ...).

  • LowSpecGamer - dedicates to budget gaming and low graphics analysis, from pushing entry-level and old hardware to its limits to forcing the lowest graphics on modern games by all means possible.

  • Jim Sterling - a game critic and raconteur, he runs The Jimquisition as a crowdfunded video series, podcast, and game review site.

  • YongYea - game news, but also some interesting games review and analysis videos.

  • Brackeys - game development tutorials on everything from Unity and programming to game design.

  • Ahoy - does lengthy and insightful gaming related analysis videos.

  • Crowbcat - informative/experimental analysis or discussion videos about videogames.

  • videogamedunkey - comedic (and insightful) essays about videogames.

  • Design Doc - various topics on game design with illustrative motion graphics and visual aids.

  • Extra Credits - games: how they are made, what they mean, and how we can make them better. Also topics about history and sci-fi.

  • GDC - Game Developers Conference: Talks and lectures.

  • no-clip - crowdfunded video game documentaries.

  • Game Score Fanfare - soundtrack analysis for video games.

  • MandaloreGaming - game reviews of both new and older games.

  • Slim Tengi - video essays, covering interesting topics primarily in video games, movies and business.

  • CryMor Gaming - creates visual thinkpieces, or "Video Essays," on a wide range of topics related to Video Games.

  • Thomas Brush - indie game developer, with videos for learning more about game development and just the arts in general.

  • NakeyJakey - entertaining and interesting review and discussion videos about games in general.

  • AI and Games - show aimed at helping the world better understand how AI makes for better games.

  • Jacob Geller - deep video essays on several topics, most of them related with games.

  • Max Derrat - psychology, philosophy and their effect on the world and, in this case, specifically the area of entertainment (like video games).

  • Steve of Warr - game reviews of both new and older games and a series of thoughtful retrospective videos on the tomb raider original series (CORE Design era).

Know some interesting channel to add here? Feel free to submit a Pull-request!

Noteworthy videos

Know some interesting particular video to add here? Feel free to submit a Pull-request!

Interesting articles

Know some interesting particular written article to add here? Feel free to submit a Pull-request!


Thoughtful and noteworthy links to awesome videogame "essay" kind of content .šŸŽ®





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