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Indoor navigation for visually impaired in Swift

Setting up a your location using Estimote Indoor SDK

SDK is available as EstimoteIndoorSDK in CocoaPods. For installation just run this command in project folder.

pod install

Make sure that you are using the latest version of CocoaPods.

In order to construct a new location you need to:

  • set the shape of the location and its orientation
  • add details such as beacons, walls, doors on boundary segments

The shape of the location is defined by its boundary points. For example, consider a square defined by points (0,0), (0,5), (5,5), (5,0) along with its orientation with respect to magnetic north.

let locationBuilder = EILLocationBuilder()
            EILPoint(x: 0.00, y: 0.00),
            EILPoint(x: 5.00, y: 0.00),
            EILPoint(x: 5.00, y: 5.00),
            EILPoint(x: 0.00, y: 5.00)])

The next step is to place beacons:

locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: "YOUR_IDENTIFIER", withPosition: EILOrientedPoint(x:0,y:0,orientation:180), andColor: ESTColor.coconutPuff)

Last step is build your location:

location =

Obtaining position update inside the location

Once you have instance of EILLocation you can start monitoring and obtaining position updates for that location.

Monitoring location is simply determining if the user is currently inside or outside the location. In order to monitor location, first you need to create instance of EILIndoorLocationManager.

locationManager = EILIndoorLocationManager()

To obtain position updates, you need to set a delegate which will be receiving the updates.

locationManager.delegate = self
locationManager.startPositionUpdates(for: location)
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