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Sample notebooks for the LUSID SDK
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Sample notebooks showcasing how to use the LUSID SDK.

To Interact with the notebooks

1) Clone the sample-notebooks repository

2) Ensure that you are in the sample-notebooks folder

3) Build the Docker image locally

docker build -t finbourne/lusid-sample-notebooks .

4) Run the Docker image

Windows docker run -it -v %cd%:/tmp/working -p 8888:8888 finbourne/lusid-sample-notebooks

Mac/Linux docker run -it -v $(pwd):/tmp/working -p 8888:8888 finbourne/lusid-sample-notebooks

5) Navigate to localhost:8888

6) Copy the token shown in your console and paste it into your browser to log in

7) Create a secrets.json file in the examples folder with your LUSID credentials

see Using a secrets.json file at for details on this

8) You're good to go!

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