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Running Netdata



Netdata Registry

Monitoring Info

Netdata Badges

Data Collection

Binary Modules

Python Modules

Node.js Modules

BASH Modules

API Documentation

Web Dashboards

Running behind another web server

Advanced configurations



Other monitoring tools

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GitHub stars allow netdata to expand its reach, its community, especially attract people with skills willing to contribute to it.

Compared to its first release, netdata is now twice as fast, has all its bugs settled and a lot more functionality. This happened because a lot of people find it useful, use it daily at home and work, rely on it and contribute to it.

GitHub stars also motivate us. They state that you find our work useful. They give us strength to continue, to work harder to make it even better.

So, give netdata a GitHub star, at the top right of this page.

Thank you!

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