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This is a large release with the below updates.

User features:

  • nftables backend
    This is the new default for all firewalld's abstractions. The direct interface still supports iptables, ip6tables, and ebtables. It is configurable via FirewallBackend in /etc/firewalld.conf - valid values are; nftables, iptables.
  • new services: iSNS, mqtt, slp, distcc, salt-master, wsman, finger, nut, svdrp, subversion, apcupsd, etcd, wbem-http, llmnr, rtsp, cockpit, steam, samba-dc, matrix, plex
  • updated translations

Developer features:

  • flake8 source code checking
  • better debug output (tracebacks)
  • various testsuite improvements

New requirements:

  • kernel >= 4.18
  • nftables >= 4.9.0