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Unable to bind control-space key command #3189

ghost opened this issue Jul 1, 2016 · 6 comments

Unable to bind control-space key command #3189

ghost opened this issue Jul 1, 2016 · 6 comments


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@ghost ghost commented Jul 1, 2016

I've tried binding both "\c\ " and "\c\x20", however none of these seem to work.

Fish_key_reader (and bash escape sequence) reports that control-space is

hex:    0  char: \c@
bind \c@ 'do something'

Yet trying to bind \c@ results in

Invalid token '\c@'
fish: bind \c@

Substituting @ for its hex equivalent doesn't seem to work either.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Try to bind control-space using any of the methods above

Fish version: fish, version 2.3.0

Operating system: OSX 10.11, Homebrew install

Terminal or terminal emulator: OSX terminal app

@krader1961 krader1961 added the bug label Jul 1, 2016
@krader1961 krader1961 added this to the fish-future milestone Jul 1, 2016
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@krader1961 krader1961 commented Jul 1, 2016

Clearly a bug. You can do the equivalent via bind \x00 'echo hello'. Now press [ctrl-space] or [ctrl-@]. Unfortunately that reveals a second bug since your shell will now be spinning busily writing "hello" to the tty. And there's a third bug. If you do

bind \c\  'echo hello'

Then bind | grep 'echo hello' you'll see the \c has been mapped to an unexpected sequence:

bind \x1c\  'echo hello'

P.S., Note that tmux lets you bind [ctrl-Space]. For example, I have the following in my ~/.tmux.conf:

set-option -g prefix C-Space
bind C-Space send-prefix

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@ghost ghost commented Jul 13, 2016

Hm I think I found a way to patch this.

Currently fish relies on the empty binding '' as a fallback when no other pattern is matched, with the action of inserting (R_SELF_INSERT). This, however, precludes the possibility of defining a separate pattern for the null character as a pattern (which is what control-space inputs) since string manipulation in C relies on the fact that strings are null-terminated.

The quick way to fix this is to modify void input_mapping_execute_matching_or_generic(bool) to the following, essentially defining our own fallback instead of relying on one in the keybinding list.

static void input_mapping_execute_matching_or_generic(bool allow_commands)
    const wcstring bind_mode = input_get_bind_mode();

    for (int i = 0; i < mapping_list.size(); i++) {
        const input_mapping_t &m =;

        // debug(0, L"trying mapping (%ls,%ls,%ls)\n", escape(m.seq.c_str(), ESCAPE_ALL).c_str(),
        //           m.mode.c_str(), m.sets_mode.c_str());

        if (m.mode != bind_mode) {
            // debug(0, L"skipping mapping because mode %ls != %ls\n", m.mode.c_str(),
            // input_get_bind_mode().c_str());

        // if (m.seq.length() == 0) {
        //     generic = &m;
        // } else 
        if (input_mapping_is_match(m)) {
            input_mapping_execute(m, allow_commands);

    if (&default_selfinsert_mapping) {
        input_mapping_execute(default_selfinsert_mapping, allow_commands);
    } else {
        // debug(0, L"no generic found, ignoring...");
        wchar_t c = input_common_readch(0);
        if (c == R_EOF) input_common_next_ch(c);

where we have defined in input_init():

default_selfinsert_mapping = input_mapping_t(L"", commands_vector, DEFAULT_BIND_MODE, DEFAULT_BIND_MODE);

Once the default insert action has been decoupled from the binding list, we have to modify input_mapping_is_match(const input_mapping_t&) to properly deal with null patterns.

   Try reading the specified function mapping
static bool input_mapping_is_match(const input_mapping_t &m)
    wint_t c = -1;
    int j = 0;
    bool atLeastOneMatch = false;

    //debug(0, L"trying mapping %ls\n", escape(m.seq.c_str(), ESCAPE_ALL).c_str());
    const wchar_t *str = m.seq.c_str();

        bool timed = (j > 0 && iswcntrl(str[0]));

        c = input_common_readch(timed);
        //printf("%lu\n", c);
        if (str[j] != c)
            atLeastOneMatch = true;
    while (str[j] != L'\0');

    if (str[j] == L'\0' && atLeastOneMatch) //Ensures that a pattern of \0 only matches an input of \0
        //debug(0, L"matched mapping %ls (%ls)\n", escape(m.seq.c_str(), ESCAPE_ALL).c_str(), m.command.c_str());
        /* We matched the entire sequence */
        return true;
        int k;
          Return the read characters
        for (k=j-1; k>=0; k--)

    return false;

Now you should be able to bind \x00 'echo test' (fixing the invalid token for \c@ remains to be done though).

@krader1961 Could you test the below patch file and if it works, merge into the repo?

@faho faho added this to the next-2.x milestone Aug 4, 2016
@faho faho removed this from the fish-future milestone Aug 4, 2016
@krader1961 krader1961 added this to the next-minor milestone Jan 2, 2017
@krader1961 krader1961 removed this from the fish 2.5.0 milestone Jan 2, 2017
@krader1961 krader1961 added enhancement and removed bug labels Apr 1, 2017
@krader1961 krader1961 added this to the fish-future milestone Apr 28, 2017
@krader1961 krader1961 removed this from the 2.6.0 milestone Apr 28, 2017
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@nimashoghi nimashoghi commented Sep 14, 2019

Are there any updates on this? I'm an ex-PowerShell user, and I find myself constantly using ctrl+space to match the current behavior of Fish's tab. I was hoping that I'd be able to bind ctrl+space to complete, but I ran into this issue.

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@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish commented Sep 14, 2019

The basic problem here is that fish builtins can't distinguish between an empty string and a string containing the null character. I don't think we should be baking in fish's confusion here either.

I think the simplest approach is to give the nul-string a key name (as in bind --key-names).

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@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish commented Sep 15, 2019

Fixed in 533ee65 . This can now be done via bind -k nul.

@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish removed this from the fish-future milestone Sep 15, 2019
@ridiculousfish ridiculousfish added this to the fish 3.1.0 milestone Sep 15, 2019
ridiculousfish added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 15, 2019
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@floam floam commented Sep 15, 2019


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