Datastructures and syntax for mildly less insane Django URLConfs.
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This is a somewhat-functional attempt to bring a more intuitive and less spaghettified syntax to Django's URLConf. It implements a declarative class-based syntax:

# (née 'URLConf')

from django.conf.urls import patterns
from url_namespaces import (Namespace, View, Redirect, \
                            ReverseRedirect, KeywordReverseRedirect)

class MyOtherURLs(Namespace):
    """ URL namespaces are classes, 
        the URLs they contain are properties
        of those classes. """

    class Meta:
        namespace = 'testapp:views'
        app_name = 'testapp'
        view_prefix = ''

    rss = View(
            arg='yo', other_arg='dogg')

    index = View(

    entry = View(

class MyURLs(Namespace):
    """ Namespaces can be nested """

    class Meta:
        namespace = 'testapp'
        app_name = 'testapp'
        view_prefix = ''

    pages = MyOtherURLs(r'^/pages/')

    elsewhere = Redirect(

    root = ReverseRedirect(
            'testapp:index', blog="test")

    entry_redirect = ReverseRedirect(
            'testapp:entry', blog="%(blog)s", entry="%(entry)s")

    entry_redirect_again = KeywordReverseRedirect(

# These classes generate standard URL patterns
# and use url(), reverse(), RegexURLResolver;
# the project aims for compatibility with Django's
# URLConf structures. 

urlpatterns = patterns('',

Djano-URL-Namespaces implements a host of combinator objects, representing intuitive ideas e.g. View, Redirect, Namespace &c, which can be modularly rearranged without the worries incumbent in getting ones' hands dirty with the rather fragile Django-native URLConf syntax.

At the time of writing the project is in a state of somewhat indeterminate disrepair; namespaces don't nest quite right, there's a lot of sketchy code commented out and not enough docstrings, etc. If this is the sort of thing that floats your boat, know that I never turn away an entertaining pull-request, indeed!

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