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Fast and Simple Serverless Functions for Kubernetes
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life1347 Avoid exposing sensitive data to client (#1543)
This PR changes the behavior of controller API which
wrongly exposes sensitive data to the client. Now, the
API only returns success if secret/configmap exists;
otherwise, an error will be returned.
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Fission: Serverless Functions for Kubernetes

Build Status Go Report Card | @fissionio | Slack

Fission is a fast serverless framework for Kubernetes with a focus on developer productivity and high performance.

Fission operates on just the code: Docker and Kubernetes are abstracted away under normal operation, though you can use both to extend Fission if you want to.

Fission is extensible to any language; the core is written in Go, and language-specific parts are isolated in something called environments (more below). Fission currently supports NodeJS, Python, Ruby, Go, PHP, Bash, and any Linux executable, with more languages coming soon.

Performance: 100msec cold start

Fission maintains a pool of "warm" containers that each contain a small dynamic loader. When a function is first called, i.e. "cold-started", a running container is chosen and the function is loaded. This pool is what makes Fission fast: cold-start latencies are typically about 100msec.

Kubernetes is the right place for Serverless

We're built on Kubernetes because we think any non-trivial app will use a combination of serverless functions and more conventional microservices, and Kubernetes is a great framework to bring these together seamlessly.

Building on Kubernetes also means that anything you do for operations on your Kubernetes cluster — such as monitoring or log aggregation — also helps with ops on your Fission deployment.

Getting started and documentation

Fission Concepts

Visit concepts for more details.


You can learn more about Fission and get started from Fission Docs.


  # Add the stock NodeJS env to your Fission deployment
  $ fission env create --name nodejs --image fission/node-env

  # A javascript one-liner that prints "hello world"
  $ curl > hello.js

  # Upload your function code to fission
  $ fission function create --name hello --env nodejs --code hello.js

  # Map GET /hello to your new function
  $ fission route create --method GET --url /hello --function hello

  # Run the function.  This takes about 100msec the first time.
  $ fission function test --name hello
  Hello, world!


Building Fission

See the compilation guide.


Fission is a project by many contributors. Reach us on slack or twitter.

Community meeting

A regular community meeting takes place every other Thursday at 08:30 AM PT (Pacific Time). Convert to your local timezone.

Official Releases

Official releases of Fission can be found on the releases page. Please note that it is strongly recommended that you use official releases of Fission, as unreleased versions from the master branch are subject to changes and incompatibilities that will not be supported in the official releases. Builds from the master branch can have functionality changed and even removed at any time without compatibility support and without prior notice.


The following companies, organizations, and individuals support Fission's ongoing maintenance and development. Become a sponsor to get your logo on our README on Github with a link to your site.

InfraCloud Srcmesh


Fission is under the Apache 2.0 license.

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