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A simple SSH shortcut menu for OS X
Objective-C AppleScript
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A simple SSH shortcut menu for OS X

How Shuttle works

Sidenote: Many people ask, so here's how I have my terminal setup.


  1. Download Shuttle
  2. Copy to Applications


The default, out-of-the-box configuration should be good enough to get started. However, if you're looking to customize the appearance further, here are a few advanced tips.

Disabling ~/.ssh/config hosts

By default, Shuttle will parse your ~/.ssh/config file for hosts.

To disable all ~/.ssh/config entries:
"show_ssh_config_hosts": false,

Disable specific hosts:

"ssh_config_ignore_hosts": ["", ""],

Disable hosts that contain a keyword:

"ssh_config_ignore_keywords": ["git"],

Nested menus for ~/.ssh/config hosts

Create a menu item at "work" > "servers" > "web01"

Host work/servers/web01

- or -

Host gandalf
    # = work/servers/web01 (webserver)


  • Cloud hosting integration
    • AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, etc
    • Using their APIs, automatically add all of your machines to the menu
  • Preferences panel for easier configuration
  • Update notifications
  • Keyboard hotkeys
    • Open menu
    • Select host option within menu


This project was created by Trevor Fitzgerald. I owe many thanks to the following people who have helped make Shuttle even better.

(In alphabetical order)

  • Alex Carter
  • Dave Eddy
  • Dmitry Filimonov
  • Frank Enderle
  • Jack Weeden
  • Justin Swanson
  • Marco Aurélio
  • Martin Grund
  • Michael Davis
  • Rui Rodrigues
  • Ryan Cohen
  • Thomas Rosenstein
  • Tibor Bödecs


Shuttle was inspired by SSHMenu, the GNOME applet for Linux.

I also looked to projects such as MLBMenu and QuickSmileText for direction on building a Cocoa app for the status bar.

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