A simple SSH shortcut menu for macOS
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A simple SSH shortcut menu for macOS


How Shuttle works

Sidenote: Many people ask, so here's how I have my terminal setup.


  1. Download Shuttle
  2. Copy to Applications


See the Wiki pages.


  • Cloud hosting integration
    • AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, etc
    • Using their APIs, automatically add all of your machines to the menu
  • Preferences panel for easier configuration
  • Update notifications
  • Keyboard hotkeys
    • Open menu
    • Select host option within menu


This project was created by Trevor Fitzgerald. I owe many thanks to the following people who have helped make Shuttle even better.

(In alphabetical order)


Shuttle was inspired by SSHMenu, the GNOME applet for Linux.

I also looked to projects such as MLBMenu and QuickSmileText for direction on building a Cocoa app for the status bar.