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This repository contains the data behind the story Which Democrats Are Campaigning On Trump?.

We've subscribed to the email lists for every 2020 Democratic campaign that FiveThirtyEight considered "major" in the month before the first night of the first Democratic debate (June 26) using the ZIP code of FiveThirtyEight's New York City office, meaning we may not be getting the same amount — or type — of emails as some other subscribers because campaigns can target emails to specific groups of people. To protect our email address from spam, any reference to it has been replaced with ****@****.****.

emails/ contains an HTML file for every email we recieved organized into folders by the name of the candidate who sent it.

index.csv is an index of emails in the emails/ folders along with the subject line of the email, the email address of the campaign, and the date on which it was received.

Column Description
candidate Name of candidate
message_id Unique identifier for each email
message_date Date and time at which the message was recieved
message_from Sender, email's From header
message_subject Subject, email's Subject header
filepath Path of the file in this repository containing the HTML body of the email
url Path of a URL where the HTML body of the email can be viewed online
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