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A tool for checking the quorum intersection property of the stellar network (
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A tool for verifying the quorum intersection property of the stellar network. It accepts data in JSON format compatible with . Use --help parameter to see available options. WARNING: the problem of finding disjoint quorums in stellar's network configuration is NP-hard.

Getting Started


Tools and libraries required to build this project:

  • g++ 5.4.0
  • boost_graph 1.58.0
  • boost_log 1.58.0
  • boost_program_options 1.58.0
  • cmake 3.5.1

Build Instructions

mkdir build;
cd build;
cmake ../;
cmake --build .;

Example Session

curl "" | ./quorum_intersection -v

Expected Output:

'true' if all quorums of a given configuration intersect. 'false' otherwise..
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