An extension for chrome & firefox to killfile blog commentors
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Latest commit e0a6b5a May 9, 2016 @fizbin Version 0.2.9


This is a browser extension (for Chrome & Firefox) designed to provide functionality like the usenet killfile to the comments sections of certain blogs. With it, readers can decide that they would rather never see comments from certain individuals, and hide those comments from view.

It is not intended as a replacement for comment moderation, but merely as a personal measure an individual reader can take for their own peace of mind.

This extension is a revival of code from an old greasemonkey script of mine, As such, some of the code may have suffered from bitrot in the meantime and needs retesting on all supported blogs.


This extension can now be installed from the Chrome store or

Alternatively, clone the source and run


Once the extension is installed, if you visit the comment page on a blog where it works you'll see a logo in the browser bar telling you that killfile is active and a hovering your mouse over a comment will cause two links, [hush] and [hide comment] to appear near the name of the commenter. Clicking [hush] will hide that person's comments from until you click the [unhush] next to their name. (As with the [hush] link, the [unhush] link is hidden until you hover over the notification that the comment is hidden)


Please report blogs where this should work but doesn't through the normal github issue system. (That is, blogs where the killfile logo shows up, but the comments don't have [hush] links when you hover over them). Report blogs that this extension doesn't yet support, but should, through email to